Tuesday 7 January Broadcast 23:00 7 Jan 2014, Channel 5

Emma's guests include Matt Richardson, Katie Hopkins and Abz Love.


Your latest #CBB champ, @JimDOfficial will be on @5WrightStuff on @channel5_tv this morning. Tune in from 9.15am http://t.co/e705QUlk81

11 days ago

#CBB champ @JimDOfficial will be back on the telly at 9.15am tomorrow morning on @5WrightStuff. Relive his best bits: http://t.co/73B3QfNRBU

12 days ago

Happy birthday to our fabulous host, @Emma_Willis!

32 days ago

#CBB winner @JimDOfficial will be joining the panel for The Big 'Can't Pay' Debt Debate: Live at 10pm http://t.co/mR4d5o961I #DebtDebate

33 days ago

.@OllieLocke will be on @5WrightStuff from 9.15am this morning on @channel5_tv. Relive his best bits from the House: http://t.co/xRcNW3Re9G

64 days ago

Missed #JimDavidson: At Least I'm Not Boring? Silly! Lucky for you, it's now available on Demand 5: http://t.co/RSHXpkh8Jg

68 days ago

Nice hair, Jim! #JimDavidson

68 days ago

Did anyone spot Lionel Blair just then? #JimDavidson

68 days ago

You have 15 minutes to take control of the remote and to find a comfy spot on the sofa: #JimDavidson: At Least I'm Not Boring starts at 9pm

68 days ago

24 hours to go until Jim Davidson: At Least I'm Not Boring airs on Channel 5 http://t.co/qNTLpTTO3B RT if you'll be watching! @JimDOfficial

69 days ago

.@JimDOfficial, your latest #CBB winner, will be back on @channel5_tv on Monday at 9pm http://t.co/4V2SNmx0MN http://t.co/HdvfhwLoy3

73 days ago

Our #CBB winner, @JimDOfficial is on @5WrightStuff on @channel5_tv this morning.

78 days ago


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